Bacoban® Disinfectant wipes (50 pieces/Pack)

Bacoban® Disinfectant wipes (50 pieces/Pack)


- Alcohol-Free wet wipes with no formaldehyde & Phenol

- Lab-test proven can eradicating an Enveloped Virus (Incl. COVID-19)

- Easily kill 99.99% of Germs & Pathogens
- Nano-Coating technology, up to 10 days Protection
- Eradicating wide range of pathogens (HFMD, influenza, HIV, etc)
- Clean, Protect & disinfection at once
- Made in Germany

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Long-term Surface Disinfection for up to 10 Days with Bacoban®

Bacoban® Long-term Disinfection Wipe is different from any other, which uses a semi-permanent nanoscale layer (Liquid Glass).  This Layer holds within it, anti-pathogen agents, which are slowly released whilst the surface is in place (up to 10 days).  Not only effective against 99.99% of germs in 5 minutes but it is also a wide range of pathogens including COVID-19, HFMD, Hepatitis,  swine flu (including H5N1, H1N1), HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa & Candida albicans…etc.  Moreover, Bacoban® reduces odours caused by bacteria.
Bacoban® is VAH listed and CE certified as a class 2A medical device.  Whilst being tested, by renowned institutions (following the ASTM E2180 protocol used to establish long-term efficacy) not only was the long-term anti-bacterial effect confirmed but additional testing indicated that Bacoban® creates “easy-to-clean” surfaces, which reduces the cleaning time of the protected surfaces by approximately 50%.

Bacoban® is biocompatible (tested under GLP conditions according to DIN EN ISO10993-1) manufactured in Germany under the European Directive 93/42/EC and DIN 13485-2003MPG.

Bacoban® can be applied to almost all surfaces including metals, ceramics, plastics, textiles…etc.  Perfect for Home, School, Kindergarten, Clinic, Beauty Salon, Hospital, Pet Shop, Nursing home, Washroom & any Medical devices)

*Contains no formaldehyde.  Phenol & Alcohol-Free. 

Quantity : 50 pieces / Pack (180 x 200mm) (50g / Sq.M.)

Each wipe can clean and protects approximately 1.5 sq.m.
Simply wipe surface and let dry. No rinsing step is required. The coating will be formed in 5-15 mins.

Caution : Do not use with any other disinfectors or detergents.

Nanoscale layer disinfection :