Biosativa® Organic Bio Cleaner (250ml)


- Certified by SGS. Made in Germany and imported
- Enormous cleaning power
- Made of natural resources & no toxic chemicals
- 100% biodegradable & bio-compatible
- Neither polluting nor harmful for humans, animals, plants and marine life
- Non-corrosive to any paints, plastics or other materials
- Skin Friendly (also suitable for allergic)

 * Maximum Dilution ratio - 1 : 100

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BIOSATIVA® BIO-CLEANER - Cleaning With The Power of Nature!

BIOSATIVA® is probably the world's most versatile and powerful Bio Cleaner. Made from yeast, betaine, plant and salt extracts, it is 100% bio-degradable and non-abrasive. It removes oils and general soiling from most surfaces. It will also remove red wine and coffee from freshly stained fabrics. BIOSATIVA® can clean everything from a super-tanker to a fish tank... We said it was versatile! Produced from natural and renewable resources.

BIOSATIVA® could be the only cleaner you need.  Organically formulated, contains ingredients from controlled ecological farming.  The surfactants in Biosativa® can lower the surface tension of a medium in which they are dissolved.  Its safety has been certified by SGS.

BIOSATIVA® not only bio-degradable in few days, but it also not harmful to human, animals, plants and environments. Suitable for sensitive skin.  Non-corrosive to any paints, metal, plastic or other material.  It’s also safe to use on fruit cleaning. 

Use on: Any stains, oils and greases, including a fish tank, Cookware, Wine & Coffee, Tea Stain, Carpet, Outdoor Furniture, Metal Rim, Car Seats, Machine

(For coffee, tea and wine stain on carpets or textiles, recommend to clean immediately)

This product is laid down in regulation (EG) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)


This product is concentrated and needs to be diluted before use. The dilution rate varies depending on how dirty the surface is. Maximum 1 : 100. Can be mixed with cold or hot water.  Shake well before dilute.

Plastic Chair :

Wine & Coffee :

Tea Stain :

Heavy Stain :

Soy Sauce :

Ceramic Brick :

Cookware :

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