Ecobug® Multi Purpose Power Cleaner (740ml)

Ecobug® Multi Purpose Power Cleaner (740ml)


- Biodegradable, Natural & Environmentally friendly
- No toxic chemical, safe & reliable
- Made in the U.K.


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Ecobug® Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner

ecobug® - Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner has been researched and manufactured to the highest performance standards, to stabilize bad bacteria. Contains biodegradable plant-derived surfactants, eco-friendly water softener and builder, bio-solvent, dye, fragrance and preservative.  
A biodegradable all-purpose cleaner, tough on grease, dirt and stubborn stains.  Quickly removes heavy soiling from hard surfaces.  Ideal for general cleaning daily.  Leave behind a fresh and natural aroma.

The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 453/2010 on detergents.

The Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner is perfect to apply on all kinds of plastics, PVC, rubber, wood, wall, kitchen areas, thermoplastic floors and plastic trays.

This cleaner is already diluted and ready to use.  Simply spray on and wipe clean.